MVMBA's trail development projects are happening and progressing thanks to our members and supporters! We have active projects underway at The Dayton Bike Yard near UD Arena and Monita Field Bike & Skate Park in Huber Heights!

Read below to learn more about these exciting projects and be a part of our success!!

Dayton bike Yard

Welcome Park, Dayton, Ohio

Trail Descriptions

The Dayton Bike Yard will contain the following Trail types:

  1. Beginner pump track (asphalt)

  2. Intermediate / Advanced pump track (asphalt)

  3. Beginner flow trail (asphalt)

  4. Intermediate flow trail (asphalt)

  5. Intermediate slope style trail (asphalt)

  6. Advanced slope style trail (asphalt)

  7. Beginner jump line (asphalt)

  8. Intermediate jump line (asphalt)

  9. Singletrack skills trail (dirt)

  10. Rock skills trail (dirt)

  11. Beginner flow trail (dirt)

Note: all of the renderings the riding surface appears to be dirt. However, the surface will be as indicated above.

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Timeline: Construction Start Spring 2022

Grand Opening: Fall 2022

Monita Field Bike & Skate Park

Huber Heights, Ohio

Asphalt Skills Trail

The skatepark, pump track and armored BMX track shown in the image below were completed in the fall of 2021. The park had a soft opening in November 2021 to open these features for riding.

This spring we will be adding an asphalt skills trail with wooden rollers, ladder bridges, skinny's, drops, wall ride and jumps. Note: images for items 10, 12, 13, 15, 17 and 18 show a dirt riding surface. The riding surface for the entire trail will be asphalt.

Timeline: Construction Start Spring 2022

Grand Opening: Summer 2022