• Riders who are eligible to race in more than one category are encouraged to enter the category in which they will be the most competitive. For instance, a very fast Clydesdale or Masters rider may choose to race in Expert.
  • A rider’s racing age is their age as of December 31 of the current year.
  • MEN’s Categories will be: Expert, Sport, Beginner, Masters (40-49), Grand Masters (50-59), Legends (60+), Fat Bike (3.5" tires), and Clydesdales (200 lb.+).
  • WOMEN’s Categories will be: Expert, Sport, and Beginner.
  • Sport Juniors and Beginner Juniors are unisex categories. Sport Juniors is for riders entering grade 8 or lower this fall who have sufficient confidence on mountain bike trails to ride unsupervised for an hour. Beginner Juniors is for riders grade 8 or lower who are relatively new to mountain biking and may need some encouragement on the trails.
  • Fat Bike is a unisex category. Bikes with tires sized 3.5″ or larger will be considered legal for the Fat Bike category. Fat bikes may also be raced in the other categories, if the rider chooses.
  • If a rider desires to change categories during the season to better match themselves to the competition (e.g. downgrade from Sport to Beginner), they may do so. Points will be carried from one class to another on a one-time basis only. Series champions from the Beginner and Sport categories are expected to move up the following season.
  • The Race Director, at their discretion, may request that a rider change categories in order to ensure fair competition, and may reclassify riders in the results as needed.