Race Series Points CHAMPIONSHIP System

  • The series will be scored and champions awarded in each category for the 2019 season.
  • The 7 races that make up the series are the six FastLaps races (2 each at MoMBA, TMBA, and John Bryan State Park) and the MoMBA XC Classic.
  • A minimum of 4 points-scoring race finishes are required to qualify for the series championship.
  • Points for each race will be awarded on the following scale: 1st place – 25 points; 2nd place – 20 points; 3rd place – 16 points; 4th place – 13 points; 5th place – 11 points; 6th place – 10 points; 7th place – 9 points; 8th place – 8 points; 9th place – 7 points; 10th place – 6 points
  • Tie breakers will be, in order of precedence: number of race wins, number of podiums, finishing position at the XC Classic.