Chris Plunkett

Chris is a married, father of three who uses family “glamping” excursions as a disguise to go check out the most popular mountain bike hotspots in the Midwest and beyond. He once visited Bentonville, AR and now won’t shut up about it but channels that experience to driver his passion for expanding the natural surface trail systems throughout the Miami Valley. Chris pays for his biking and IPA addiction as the Director of Product Development for NYC based mobile payment and media technology company.

Vice President

Dawn Lofland

Dawn, a road cyclist (yes, it’s okay to ride skinny wheels too), started dating a mountain biker and entered the mountain biking scene in 2017 after riding on a borrowed MTB at the MVMBA Labor Day Brown County weekend. A few weeks later, she demoed a Niner Jet9 MTB from Black Pug Bike Repair to race the XC Classic at MoMBA and then bought the bike the same day! She’s been riding natural surface trails ever since and has completed a couple epic races; the Mohican 100K, and the Ore to Shore Hard Rock. Dawn is a Scrum Master for a leading global provider of information and analytics software and a certified Level 1 MTB instructor with PMBIA. An Ohio native, she's passionate about trail advocacy and getting more women and children on bikes. When she’s not home, she’s visiting National Parks or adventuring on bikes with her daughters and boyfriend.

Secretary 1

susan roosen

Susan has been a mountain biker for 10 years and has lived in the Dayton area for four. Her husband Ryan is also a mountain biker and they have a three year old son named Julian who loves to zoom around on his balance bike. She is a stay-at-home mom and also volunteers at her church and coordinates a Moms group in Springfield. She loves supporting the local mountain bike community and sharing the sport with others. Join Susan for some group rides, races, and family events this summer!

Secretary 2

Trent Walters

Trent has been a mountain biker for 23+ years. He has been married to his wife, Melissa, for 20 years. He proposed to her while the two were on a mountain bike ride together. He has two children Madie (age 13) and Katelyn (age 16), both of which have been into mountain biking, for over 10 years. When he is not riding or spending time with his family, Trent works as a mechanical engineer for Intelligent Construction Tools, which is a joint venture between Trimble and Hilti. When going on a family vacation, it isn’t uncommon for it to be near mountain biking locations, such as Whistler, BC , Park City, Utah, etc. On a side note, Trent prefers it when a trail points down but is okay with earning his turns.

Membership & Outreach Director

Monika Kaleps

Race & Competition Director


Trail Advocacy Director

Emmy Fabich

Emmy Fabich is a downtown Dayton dweller and co-conspirator of various community projects since 2011. She received a degree in Environmental Studies from Hiram College because she loves to be in the woods. She moved to Dayton to work in the outdoor recreation industry teaching backpacking and paddle sports programs and then managed volunteers for the local MetroParks until 2015. She was also the former program manager for Bike Miami Valley - planning the Miami Valley Cycling Summit and advocating for regional cycling initiatives.

Emmy has been a bike commuter and self-taught mountain biker for almost a decade. She is a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) through the League of American Bicyclists. She also teaches river kayaking courses in her spare time and walks her dog along the nation’s largest paved trail network with her wife Katie.

business development & Marketing Director

Jordan Hart

Jordan is an Outdoor Recreation Program Specialist for Five Rivers MetroParks helping to support cycling, backcountry and paddling programs. He has a background in photography, is a local scout leader. When he’s not hitting the local trails he sometimes takes off on long distance adventures, like a 2016 cross-country bicycle tour. A current Bike ICP Level 1 Ride Guide and Fundamentals Instructor.

Treasurer 1

Paul Jones

Treasurer 2

Matt Dolson

At-Large 1

jeff schultz

Jeff Schultz is an Asst. Principal at Troy High School. He was also a Certified Athletic Trainer at THS but retired from that position in 2012 after 25 years of service.

Jeff is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and earned his Master’s degree in School Administration from the University of Dayton. He is a member of the Troy Mayor’s Cycling Advocacy Committee where he led a revitalization and enhancement of the Troy Mountain Bike Area located at Duke Park in Troy. Jeff likes riding his FatBike with the rest of his Mad Cow Ramble teammates. He also enjoys road biking and doesn’t mind a little basement trainer ride when the weather turns south.

Jeff lives in Troy with his wife Angie. They have 2 children, a daughter, Shelby, 26 who is a traveling Physical Therapist and a son, Troy, who recently graduated from Findlay University and is currently in PTA school.

At-Large 2

mike bisig

Michael Bisig is the owner of Mike’s Indoor Bike Park, an indoor cycling facility with full-service bicycle shop, in Dayton, OH. Before opening Mike’s Indoor Bike Park, Michael received his Bachelor and Masters of Music Education degrees from Wright State University (Dayton, OH) and spent close to twenty years as a music educator in Ohio.

When Michael is not hitting the trails on his mountain bike or speeding around on his road bike, you can probably find him performing in any number of funk and rock bands throughout Ohio!